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What are removable gold caps?

Removable caps are an ingenious product we began marketing over 5 years ago.  They are caps that actually fit over your existing teeth...both front and back.  They look exactly like permanent caps, except you can take them out when you don't want to wear them.

How do I order a set?

In order to order a set of our customized caps, you must first contact us for information necessary to getting your own set of caps.  For more information, click here.

Do they look real?

Absolutely!!  Our caps are made with precision tools in a laboratory and are custom made to a mold of your teeth.  They will only fit your teeth and will fit perfectly.  No one will know they are only caps except you.

Can I eat & sleep with the caps in?

We do not recommend that you eat or sleep with your caps in, however, we know that many of our customers do.  The caps are considered to be should put them on and off as you would any other type of jewelry.

What's the difference between Silver, 14kt,18kt,white gold, 22kt and platinum?

Our silver caps are the least expensive caps, however, they will tarnish very quickly.  14kt gold is the hardest type of gold, however it too tends to tarnish quickly.  Most people 14 kt gold because it's the most durable (among gold).  Even though silver and 14 Kt gold tarnishes much faster than the other types of materials, it can easily be cleaned with any non-toxic jewelry cleaners/clothes.  If you are a smoker, it will speed up the tarnishing effects.  We recommend that smokers order the 18kt gold.  The white gold gives the look of silver and tarnishes very slowly.  Platinum is very expensive, but well worth it.  Platinum rarely tarnishes and is the strongest material our caps are made from.

Will the caps lose their "shine"?

All silver and gold will eventually tarnish and lose it's "luster".  The silver and 14kt gold tends to tarnish the quickest, however, all of our caps no matter what they're made of can easily be cleaned with any type of non-toxic jewelry cleaner.  The non-toxic jewelry cleaner clothes tend to work best.  The cleaners will bring your caps back to their original luster/shine.

Can I just order solid caps without any design?

Yes, you can order just a plain set of silver, gold, white gold, or platinum caps with nothing on them.

How do you make the caps fit my teeth?

For more information about, click here.

Do the caps only cover the front of my teeth?

No, the caps cover the entire front and backside of your teeth.  They're similar to how a glove fits your hand.

What's the maximum number of caps I can order?

The maximum number of teeth we are willing to make for any single customer is 24. 20 Teeth (10 on top and 10 on bottom) will fit comfortably in the mouth.  When you begin to get more teeth in the back of your mouth, it will make the fitting of the teeth very uncomfortable.

How long will the caps last?

We have had the pleasure of serving teeth that are 3-5 years old and they are still in good condition.  It really depends on how well the person takes care of them.

Can I wear caps if I have a permanent retainer?

NO, we are unable to design a set of caps that will fit properly if you have any type of retainer, including the small thin wire retainers that are in place behind your teeth.  Our caps fit so precisely, that it would damage your retainer every time you put your caps in.

Do you accept checks?

Sorry, but we do not accept checks. We accept money orders ONLY.

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